About us

INE Multi Media Inc. is a non-profit organization. It is devoted to promoting and supporting non-profit organizations focused on South Asian community in the United States as well as in the South Asian sub-continent by working directly working with them and connecting them with each other as needed. We promote art, culture, education and empowerment through workshops, seminars and multimedia presentations and documentaries.


Our mission is to educate, empower, entertain and enrich the lives of people in our community.

ENRICH: Enrichment is an important mission of our company. It opens the doors of progress, helps in the growth of our community and makes life more rewarding. We look forward to bringing you stories, discussions, and events that will enhance and enrich in your life in many different ways.

EDUCATE: We believe that education leads to freedom and empowerment. We organize a number of seminars and workshops to educate the community about financial well-being, health, fitness, and happiness.

EMPOWER: We empower people through spreading knowledge, education, and interviews with inspiring guests and speakers who inspire, encourage and teach us to maximize our full potential.

ENTERTAIN: New England has emerged as home to vibrant Indian community, great artists, singers, musicians, writers and volunteers. Our mission is to showcase their creativity and talent and connect them with each other.


The seeds of INE MultiMedia were sown in 2012 when we began the celebrity interview series Chai with Manju with INDIA New England News. A year later came the South Asian Health Expo in 2013 and another mega health expo in 2014. In early 2014, we decided to create a non-profit entity to devote fully to our core mission of educating, empowering, enriching and entertaining.

our team


Dr. Manju Sheth is a board certified internist focused on women’s health. She works at Lahey Health. In 2013, she was the president of the Indian Medical Association of New England. She is the co-chair of Indian Women Physicians Forum. She served on the Clinical advisory committee at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and was also appointed in February 2018 to the Patient Care Assessment Committee /PCAC at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. It helps ensure that the company provides its members with highest quality care and service. With India New England News, she co-founded the New England Health Expo in 2013. It  is the largest South Asian Health Expo in North America and features health and nutrition experts in medical technologies, modern medicine, and holistic healthcare. She also produced a video series titled “Health Talk” to coincide with the event. Further, she has written a successful series for local media /Lokvani titled “Movers and Shakers in Medicine” which featured the well-known Indian American doctors in NE who have made a huge difference globally in world of medicine.

In addition to her medical career, she is passionate about women empowerment. In recent years, Dr. Sheth has led many fund raisers for local charities including Saheli, which provides support to South Asian domestic violence victims in the Boston area. She has also served on the fund raising committee of Akshaya Patra for many years. Previously, she served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence. In addition, Dr. Sheth was a trustee of the Indian American Forum for Political Education, which helps increase political awareness among South Asians. Due to her   community   service, leadership and advocacy, she has received numerous awards  and was voted “Woman of the Year” in 2011, featured as a “Notable Bostonian” in the Boston Globe, and was voted in the “150 Women of Influence” by the YWCA Boston.

Dr. Sheth is well known across the South Asian community for her interview series, “Chai With Manju”, where she interviews celebrities ranging from Deepak Chopra, Deb Goldberg, Shankar Mahadevan, and Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She is also the creator and host of very successful interview series ”Dreamcatchers”, where she interviews people from local community who have achieved their dreams including American Idol finalist Sonica Veid and Dr. Anubha Sancheti, a winner of America’s Greatest Makers.

Dr. Sheth is now the President of the India New England Multimedia, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering, entertaining, and educating the Boston community through video interviews, concerts, and the organization’s flagship event – The New England Choice Awards, where they celebrate industry leaders in several important categories. Dr. Sheth is married to a physician Dipak Sheth and has a 20-year-old daughter Shaleen, a sophomore at Babson College.